We are excited to Welcome Jenn from Veda Connections to our practice!

Salt City Holistic Health is proud to offer exceptional massage therapy services to our clients, helping them improve their overall health, well-being and promoting relaxation. 

Our therapist has the healing power of touch and excellent communication skills to provide you with individualize care you deserve.

We offer various massage techniques, including: Swedish, Deep tissue, Reflexology, Pregnancy/Postpartum and 

Sports massages, according to your specific needs and preferences.

We strive on educating our clients on the benefits of regular massage therapy and provide guidance on stretching exercises along with relaxation techniques for you to continue to improve your health at home.

We would be happy to collaborate with other healthcare professionals, such as chiropractors and physical therapists, to develop comprehensive treatment plans for clients, as necessary.

Our therapist stays up to date on industry trends, new techniques, and best practices.

Our Licensed Massage Therapists

My name is Audrey Mortise. I am a Licensed Massage therapist Based In Central New York. I Graduated from the Onondaga School of therapeutic massage in 2021.

  These past few years my life has changed quite a bit. I am now a mother to a beautiful baby girl. My passion for massage is still strong while my vision for my business has shifted. My practice has become much more grounded. 

    Over the course of the next few weeks/months/years my knowledge will expand through the human touch, through courses and through my peers and mentors.

    The journey of massage therapy has a been a blessing in my life. My practice strives on providing individualized care with a safe, healing and a holistic approach. 

Swedish massage, Pregnancy/Postpartum, Reflexology, Sports, Orthopedic, Deep Tissue and trigger point therapy are all apart of the services that I offer to the community


Weekends Saturday and Sundays


Contact me for accommodations outside this time frame

 call or text: (315) 794-2973


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Meet Jenn From Veda Connections

Hi Friend! I’m so happy to have you here. When I first started my practice I knew I wanted to make it a priority for healing to be accessible for everyone. For me, that means cultivating a safe and inviting space, because on my table all are welcome. My goal is to hold space for you to show up exactly as you are in that moment. I want to laugh, cry, listen, and be in comfortable silence with you. I aim to create authentic connections, and hope that you leave here feeling revitalized and grounded. My massages are an energy focused collaboration of my knowledge and expertise in Swedish, deep tissue, sports, orthopedic and Reiki. Often with the use of cupping as well, I integrate techniques from all of these modalities in order to generate the perfect therapeutic session that is tailored to your needs. No one person is the same, and therefore no one treatment should be. 

I really look forward to building something beautiful with you.


Monday 11a-6p

Tuesday 11a-5:30p

Wednesday 11a-5p

Thursday 11a-6p

Our Services

Swedish Massage

Enjoy a relaxing massage that uses a variety of techniques to energize the body and improve your overall health. Each massage is designed specifically for your individual need.


Benefits include:

Deep tissue

This type of massage targets deeper layers of the muscles and connective tissue. Deep long strokes are performed with the therapists hands, elbows and forearms. This can be uncomfortable at times but the pressure and techniques can be adjusted to ensure comfort. Deep tissue massage is used mainly to treat musculoskeletal issues.


Benefits include:


The hands and feet reflect the entire body and form a map. Areas on the hands and feet are related to organs, glands and parts of the body. 

Pressure on the reflex areas impact the corresponding body area.


Benefits include:

Due to the body releasing toxins and trying to rebalance, possible side effects can occur from reflexology. These include cold symptoms, increase bowel activity, skin rashes, and disturbed or improved sleep.

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Proper nutrition, rest, exercise, and massage are some key components to a healthy pregnancy. During pregnancy & Postpartum it is crucial to maintain your optimal health through the childbearing process. A women’s body undergoes so many changes. These changes include a growing uterus, ribs widening, possible SI Separation or Pubic symphysis separation, insomnia, anxiety, fear, anemia, dietary changes, round ligament pain and more.

Positioning: Comfort is Key! As of right now side lying is available along with a seated position. Companies do make pregnancy pillows that support you to lay face down on the massage table.  This pillow will be in my practice soon.


Benefits include:

ALL Pregnant clients must provide a note from their Dr stating that massage is safe to receive

Postpartum massage is available at 10 weeks postpartum and once your Dr clears you for exercise.

The therapist DOES NOT perform perineal massage. This is done by your partner or as self-massage.


With Sports massage it is our goal to assist the athlete in achieving optimal performance and recovery.


Benefits include:

The closer to a period of physical exertion a treatment is administered the less intrusive it whould be on the tissue.

Recommended Time for massage: 

       Up to 6 hours before event

       Up to 6 hours after event


Duration of massage: 30 mins 

(By request ONLY)